Retiree Events

​Please watch for further information regarding our activities.


Our 1st Annual Retired Educators Workshop on January 28th was a huge success!  A small, cozy group gained vital information related to the prevention of identity theft, and how to use the NEA Member Benefits Click & Save Program.  Thank you to everyone that was able to attend.  It was a fun, social gathering on a cold winter’s day.  (Check out the pictures in our Photo Album)


Below are some comments from the attendees:


“The workshop was very informative regarding prevention of identity theft and the benefits of NEA Click & Save. It was well planned and time well spent.  Lunch was excellent and free!”


“Learned so much! Do you know you can get a 35% discount on gift cards through NEA Member Benefits?  Do you know the many things to do to protect your identity?”


“It was fabulous to get together with other CEA Retired Educators. We had an excellent speaker, Michael Gavin, NEA Member Benefits Representative.  We had a delightful, free lunch.  A wonderful networking opportunity for all.”


Hopefully this is the start of something great. Committee members are seeking ideas and input on events and activities of interest to retirees.  Check out the Retiree Tab on the Website (  See you soon!