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CEA Elections

CEA Election Results

On behalf of the Nominations, Elections and Credentials Committee, the 2022-2023 CEA election results are in!  The following people have accepted their position and are looking forward to representing the CEA membership:

Vice President – Siobhan Tedtsen

Secretary – Deanna Coughlin

Member-at-Large – Two Year Term – Amy Hamilton and Jason Oates

Retired Member-at-Large – Two Year Term – Pamela Mackall

MSEA Delegates – Deanna Coughlin, Amy Cox, Sandie Estrada, Betty Goldstein, Amy Hamilton, Lynda Hampshire, Lea Nerby, Jason Oates and Siobhan Tedtsen

NEA Delegates – Lynda Hampshire and Siobhan Tedtsen

CEA would like to thank Rob James and Bernadette Supanick for their efforts to ensure the nominations and election process went smoothly.





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